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Ethfinex Trustless evolves to DeversiFi

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Perks of Trading on DeversiFi

  • No sign-up or KYC
  • Maximum level of security
  • No waiting for deposits or withdrawals
  • Ever expanding set of features
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Get started by simply connecting your Ethereum wallet.

You are in control of your funds during the whole trading process

Lock your tokens in no time and gain access to boundless trading opportunities

DeversiFi advanced trading platform allows you to make OTC trades, go mobile, and more

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01 Sign up for a wallet

DeversiFi has integrated the most popular wallets to suit the needs of any trader.

02 Lock tokens for trading

Access our liquid orderbook by locking your tokens for trading. You remain in control of your funds at all times. Unlock anytime.

03 Start trading

Place and manage your orders with a single click using our industry leading interface.

Squarelink takes your wallet to the next nevel

Native dApp Experience

You’re here for Ethfinex, so we’ll let Ethfinex take the whole spotlight.

Device Agnostic

Manage your funds and trade your tokens anytime on any device.

Account Recovery

Recover your account (only solution of its kind) if you forget your password.

Explore wallet alternatives

Hardware Wallets
Browser Wallets
Local Wallets

Hardware wallets store user’s keys internally, keeping them disconnected from the internet when not in use. Hardware wallets are generally considered the most secure way of storing user’s keys, but not very convenient when conducting frequent transactions.

These apps store your keys and allow you to quickly access and use any blockchain application without having to carry around an external hardware device. They are seamless, but generally considered less secure than hardware wallets.

This method stores your private keys directly on your device. This method usually does not require any 3rd party software to interact with a blockchain, but it’s also considered the least secure option to manage your keys. It’s generally not recommended to store your keys locally.